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Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains were active with Layne Staley between 1987-2002 up until Layne's death. Although Layne worked with other bands and musicians in that time, the music AiC produced remains the staple with most fans.

His searing vocals can be heard over the entire catalogue of songs. His voice was a powerhouse and this is prominently evident on songs like "Love, Hate, Love" and in particular his live performance of "Bleed the Freak" during the set on the "Live Facelift" VHS released in the nineties. You can buy the vinyl release of the album from Amazon here, it was released in 2016.

Vinyl has had a resurgence recently and the soundtrack to Singles is due to be re-released on May 19th 2017 on Amazon. The album contains music from the Seattle scene of the time (1992) and includes Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden amongst others. The film is also worth the watch.

There are two studio EP releases here. "Sap" and "Jar Of Flies". The latter was the first ever EP in music history to debut at #1 on the American Billboard 200 Chart, a feat that took another 10 years to replicate. The Music Bank compilation was released in a box set including an interactive PC CDROM and features never before released demos of much of AiC's catalogue. There were even Ltd Edition versions made from metal and containing a faux lock on the front. Only ~250 are known to have been released and were individually numbered. As such, only the DVD version is readily available for purchase, however, streaming services like Amazon Music (free trial) and Apple Music have most albums available to play




Jar of Flies

Alice in Chains

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