3 Names, 1 Band

This section borrows, with permission, content from a fantastic site named Bacus.net

This site is extensive in every way. You will find all concerts listed from 1985 (from the Alice N Chains/Diamond Lie days) to 1996 (MTV Unplugged) and onwards.
It is a rare find in a site to list so much information on AIC's gigs, and I strongly suggest you check it out!
Not only does it have gigs, it has a vast chronology of interview dates and much more!

Venue: Lynnwood Rollaway, WA 9th July 1985

Pivotal moment in the start of the bands progression. 'Sleze' were Layne's band. A short time later, a merge of talents happened then they were known as 'Alice N Chains'.
Watch Sleze in action

Venue: Lacey, WA ?? 14th July 1987

A small flyer advertised Diamond Lie for a brief period, Click below to see them in action on Youtube. Otherwise if you'd like to know more see their press release! Glam!
Watch Diamond Lie in action

Venue: Central Tavern, Seattle, WA 11th February 1989

With Mother Love Bone and Dead Flowers as supporting acts. Again, a quick change back and they settle for 'Alice In Chains' The band we all love and know. The interesting thing about this was, 'Mother Love Bone' (an unformed Pearl Jam) were the support act. As would be the case in more shows to come.
Watch AIC at the Central Tavern