Other Works

Featured here are other works in which Layne has performed on.

There are only a few but they are well worth checking out, as some offer a different side to Layne, vocally.

I have done my best to link to the official channels to find the content, if I have missed any, I will include them in time. There will be links to popular music streaming services like Apple and Spotify for you to have a listen.

Heart - Desire Walks On

Layne features on the track "Ring Them Bells" on this LP. Physical copies of the vinyl pressing are rare, and thus it is hard to find one but CD and cassette releases are still available as well as the digital copies of the album. The song is a cover version and is originally a Bob Dylan song. It has been very tastefully done and is well worth a listen. Also, in "Brother" and "Am I Inside" you will find Ann Wilson of Heart on vocals. Both those songs can be found on Sap.

Listen now:

Alice 'N Chains

Layne and his band Alice N Chains which featured Nick Pollock, Johnny Bacolas, and James Bergstrom, recorded a demo in 1987 at the London Bridge Studios and on a 4 track at the Music Bank. You can find this available for download below. Physical copies are exceptionally rare as only 100 were made! Expect to rarely ever see one for sale anywhere - download here

Listen now:

Second Coming - It's Coming After

Released in 1994 on the album "L.O.V.Evil", this track was fairly under the radar for a lot of fans. The band themselves featured Johnny Bacolas & James Bergstrom of "Alice N' Chains" (see further down this list). There are not many copies of this release either in CD or any other form as it was an independent release at the time. However you can view the video on youtube.

Layne & The Aftervibes - Things You Do

Lot of debate on this one. Layne apparently sings on the chorus and the second verse, having recorded the vocals originally in 1996/97. This is a 2007 remix. Judge for yourself and join the debate in the comments.

Layne & The Black Holes - Party People

Another song unearthed in unfinished format. Little known about it.

Layne Staley and The Black Holes - I Don't Care

A funky song, again, unearthed and shared online. There are little known details about most of the songs, however you can read more about them here

Layne in the movie "Father Rock"

A film on public access TV in the late 80's featured "Sleze" which Layne was a member of at the time. Here is the very short clip from the movie. You can also view the movie in full on Youtube.

Anything else!?

Please get in contact if you can find anything I've missed and you think it should be here.